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This Is What Green Tea Extract Really Does To Your Body



Maintaining your general health is a complicated task. It may be difficult to put together all of the pieces of a healthy lifestyle, from scheduling time to exercise to eating the proper meals. Investing in supplements that combine several advantages into one easy-to-take pill is one of the most effective methods to include better options into your existing routine. It also helps you ensure that you’re targeting the correct regions of your wellness trip without having to perform mental acrobatics to figure out how to properly implement new changes.

Green tea extract is one of the most effective supplements for this sort of health improvement objective. Green tea extract is available in a powder, liquid, and capsule form and is high in anti-oxidants. Antioxidants have numerous advantages, including improving the look of your skin and aiding in the maintenance of your liver, brain, and heart health. One capsule of green tea extract has the same number of active ingredients as one cup of brewed green tea, making it a great choice for individuals who don’t enjoy drinking tea but want to get the health benefits.

Although green tea extract is often regarded as a beneficial supplement, certain claims about its health benefits are more grandiose than others. It’s critical to understand exactly what green tea extract does to your body so you can be sure you’re receiving the most out of it.

Green tea extract, like the antioxidant boost provided by eating dark chocolate every day, provides a veritable feast of health-enhancing compounds. Green tea extract is high in catechins, a sort of polyphenol antioxidant that promotes the body’s antioxidant capacity. Your body becomes accustomed to oxidative stress over time, and it learns how to defend itself against it. This sort of stress can have a detrimental impact on your body over time, leading to tissue and cell damage, as well as the development of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

When you add extra antioxidants to your current diet, you’re preventing yourself from acquiring these terrible diseases. According to WebMD, taking green tea extract by mouth helps lower the levels of “bad” cholesterol in your system, commonly known as low-density lipoprotein, or LDL. Green tea extract’s ability to lower blood pressure and inflammation, as well as its potential to prevent heart disease, is another major benefit.

This reduction in inflammation through green tea extract can assist you in treating your problem more effectively if you have a persistent inflammatory illness such as Crohn’s disease or hepatitis. You’ll improve your heart health and alleviate discomfort caused by long-term inflammation by taking one green tea extract pill per day.

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Why You Should Be Stirring Some Cinnamon Into Your Coffee



Coffee isn’t simply a beverage; it’s an experience for true coffee enthusiasts. Coffee hacks, besides the ever-changing choices available in cafés and supermarkets, provide you with another way to make your favorite morning beverage taste even better.

Coffee, in and of itself, is not only enjoyable but also has a slew of health benefits. It’s been said to protect us against illness, among other things. Coffee might help you process blood sugar better, protect against heart failure, stroke and decrease your chances of developing colon cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. According to The New York Times, drinking a cup of coffee daily can help you live longer (naturally). It can also reduce the risk of depression, aid in maintaining a healthy weight, increase energy levels, and improve your life expectancy.

Coffee has many health advantages, but what you put in your coffee makes all the difference in terms of making your daily cup of coffee healthy, and can either enhance or ruin your regular routine. Here’s why you should be adding cinnamon to your daily brew.

Cinnamon has even more health benefits

The major problem with so many delectable things that we put into coffee is that they are frequently high in sugar and chemically preserved. Artificial sweeteners, which are often used in place of sugar, can include harmful chemicals. As a consequence of ingesting them (via Cleveland Clinic), artificial sweeteners may cause weight gain by altering the gut.

Cinnamon, on the other hand, is a spice that comes from nature. It’s one of the most frequently used spices, alongside black pepper, and one of the most beneficial to your health (via MedicalNews Today). According to USDA, half a teaspoon of cinnamon each day may reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Cinnamon contains many health advantages, including blood sugar reduction and cardiovascular disease prevention, as well as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis protection. When you put cinnamon into your morning coffee, it increases the protective effects and the health advantages increase as a result of daily usage.

Cinnamon makes a delicious addition to various brews

Cinnamon, unlike expensive creamers or extracts, is a simple and frequent pantry item. You probably already have some on hand. Even if you don’t, it’s an inexpensive and long-lasting spice that looks great with hot coffee.

Before you brew the coffee, we recommend sprinkling cinnamon in the filter to avoid clumping on top. Another reason is that it’s critical to make sure the cinnamon is completely incorporated so you get an even taste throughout the whole cup, with no strong vs. weak sips (via Roasty Coffee).

However, not everyone wants their cinnamon flavor to be spread out. To add cinnamon to your cup of coffee, sprinkle the spice over the grounds before brewing. This is particularly useful if you drink your coffee black. If you want to add anything, consider using whipped cream or foam. A cinnamon stick is another option.

Final thoughts on adding cinnamon to your coffee

In conclusion,  we would like to reiterate that there are many health benefits of adding cinnamon to your coffee. Not only does it make your cup of joe more flavorful, but it also provides numerous health advantages. 

If you’re looking for a way to make your coffee healthier, we recommend trying cinnamon. It’s an easy and delicious addition that may help improve your health in the long run.

Give it a try and see for yourself!  You might be surprised at how much you enjoy the flavor.

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Paris Hilton Talks About Her Relationship With Lindsay Lohan and Where It Is Today



Today’s internet appears to reveal a new celebrity squabbling with another or being cancelled on a daily basis, but if you lived through the golden years of the early 2000s, you’ll recall Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan’s legendary rivalry. The legendary threesome were the socialites of the hour, and their conflict was deemed an incendiary event that would be remembered for years.

After a decade of hookups with exes, bashing in the tabloids, and insults as well as drinks thrown between Lohan and Hilton, things appear to be looking up for the better, as chronicled by Complex. Since their L.A. party days, each of their lives has taken distinct turns; yet the remnants of the rivalry stayed with them until 2021.

On a recent episode of Hilton’s podcast “This Is Paris,” she finally acknowledged Lohan, remark in the clip. “I saw Lindsay got engaged, and I know that we’ve had our differences in the past, but I just wanted to say congratulations to her. I am genuinely very happy for her, and it just makes me so happy to see.” Since then, Hilton has opened up on precisely where they stand today.

Hilton has nothing but love for Lohan

Fans finally got their wish when Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian reunited in 2010, with the two consistently supporting each other’s careers via Kardashian co-hosting “Cooking with Paris” and Hilton modeling for a Skims campaign. Fans, on the other hand, are still waiting for Hilton and Lindsay Lohan to reunite.

During a visit to Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” Hilton was open and honest about her stance with Lohan today. Hilton shared with a smile on her face, “I just feel like we’re grown-ups now. I just got married. She just got engaged. We’re not in high school. I think it was just very immature and now everything is all good.” She added, “I saw that she got engaged when I was on my honeymoon, and I just said congratulations … No bad vibes.” 

Fans are hoping for a possible return of the group’s iconic friendship, but Hilton made it clear on the “This is Paris” podcast that she has nothing but love for them all. “I got married, Britney got her freedom back and engaged, and then Lindsay just got engaged. So I love just seeing how different our lives are now and just how much we’ve all grown up and just having love in our lives.”


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Paing Takhon, a Burmese model-actor who has been dubbed the World’s Most Handsome Face by Time magazine, was sentenced to three years in prison on the same day.



In the same week that Paing Takhon, a model and actor, was named “Most Handsome Face” of 2021 by entertainment site TC Candler, he was sentenced to three years in prison for speaking out during anti-government protests in Myanmar.

Takhon was chosen the “Most Handsome Face” of 2021, corresponding to his sentencing this week for his role in the anti-coup demonstrations in Myanmar earlier this year. In April, he was detained after making public remarks on social media in support of demonstrators.

Takhon rose to prominence in the first half of 2021 as the “hot monk,” thanks to popular social media posts. He had already worked in films and a television series in Burma at the time.

His good looks received attention from TC Candler, who dubbed him the “Most Handsome Face” of 2021 and the “Most Beautiful Face” went to Lisa of Blackpink in 2021. Since 1990, People magazine has published a worldwide “Most Beautiful Face” poll.

According to his legal team, Takhon was sentenced to three years in jail with hard labor this week.

The protests, which began in February after a military coup that arrested senior government officials, including civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi, have resulted in the arrest of more than 7,000 people and the deaths of more than 1,000 others. It began as a result of a military takeover in February that detained high-ranking government figures.

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