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Festival Season On A Budget



Is it possible to go to a music festival on a tight budget while still saving money? Yes, it is! Although you may not have a lot of money, you can still have a fantastic time at a festival if you know where to look. Spending less money at a festival simply means you’ll have more money for another ticket later in the year – so it’s really a win-win!

I like to just enjoy the experience and not worry so much about money when I’m at festivals where I may never have another chance to go. However, I’m not a large spender, and I despise losing money or wasting it at any event! Here are a few ideas to assist you with saving money throughout the festival season!

Bring your own beverages to the event

Why not take advantage of the fact that many festivals allow you to bring your own alcohol into the camping site? Bring your own alcoholic beverages, wine, cider, or spirits for a cheap alternative to buying expensive drinks from the festival. I find that when it comes to spending money, I spend the most on food and drinks.

However, keep in mind that certain festivals have a limit on the quantity of alcohol that each ticket holder is permitted to bring with them. It’s always a good idea to consult the festival’s FAQ page to see what kinds of limitations they have.

Certain festivals, owing to the fact that all of the campsites and stages are in one area, allow you to bring your own booze up to the stages! I saved A TON OF MONEY by bringing my own drinks to Glastonbury, probably spending a total of $80 on food and drink all weekend with the addition of even giving in to some Merch!

Make use of a reusable water bottle.

Not only is it a method to be more environmentally friendly at a music festival, but bringing your own water bottle will save you money by avoiding the need to purchase excessively overpriced bottled water from a vendor/bar. All of the festivals I’ve ever gone to had water fountains or taps in the campsite where you could get water.

Prepare your own food at the campsite

Taking your own food and even preparing it at a festival may seem like a lot of work, but it is a fantastic method to save money while attending one. This isn’t an issue for every event, as certain festivals ban the usage of gas cookers or barbecues. However, it’s perfectly fine for others; simply check their FAQ page for their rules and limitations. I have a small, screw-on gasoline burner that screws into a tiny gas cylinder. I use it to boil water before going out into the arena at night or even making myself some oatmeal in the mornings.

Take some food that you can eat uncooked to keep costs down if cooking meals isn’t practical for you. I always make myself some homemade vegan energy balls and granola bars, even if other food items are on my “going to a music festival” Check list. I also take extra food with me, such as nuts, crisps, fruit, croissants, and dried fruit.

That being said, I am not suggesting that you never buy food at a festival! Some festivals are known for having outstanding cuisine! To keep food expenses down, prepare one or two meals or snacks on a small cooker or BBQ in the campsite.

Make your own caffeinated beverages

This is another way to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee in the mornings, which complements the previous statement. At a festival, prepared hot drinks like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are highly overpriced, so making your own allows you to wake up and make yourself a cup without waiting or traveling miles to locate your favorite morning beverage!

Keep an eye out for festival coins or cashless wristbands.

Cryptocurrency and cashless events are becoming increasingly more popular. Some of me loves it since it cuts down on fussing with money, and it’s simple to budget for a festival because you may add exactly what you want to spend. The cashless system also irritates the other side of me. Tokens and cashless wristbands are pre-purchased or topped up in advance, so it’s easy to lose track of how much money you spend throughout the festival or see how much money you have left.

If you must pre-purchase real tokens for a festival, I recommend that you get the smallest number feasible since most festivals prohibit refunds once the tokens are purchased. This prevents individuals from selling tokens to others at the event they find or take from others.

If the festival is using a cashless wristband system, any money left on it at the end of the event is typically refundable (minus a little administration fee).Check the festival’s FAQ page for details on how to refund your money and whether you can get a refund if you don’t use all of it.

Some festivals may even have their own money – This was true for Tomorrowland, which created ‘Pearls’ (Ƥ) as a festival currency to buy meals, drinks, and goods. 1 Pearl is worth approximately $1.94, making things more difficult. So those midnight noodles you planned to buy, which were advertised as costing just 9 Pearls, actually cost you over $17.46 after conversion. Make sure you’re aware of the exchange rates between the event’s currency and your own local currency!

Know what’s available when it comes to food and drinks.

It’s easy to pass by a burger wagon or a falafel cart and think, “Yep, I’ll have those,” but believe me: there will be another burger stand or falafel cart elsewhere in the event that may be superior! I usually do a walk-about to inspect my alternatives and then select. I also prefer the one with the most people in line. This may appear unusual or counterintuitive, but if there is a long line at a certain vendor, I assume it must be excellent (I suppose so anyhow).

Not only that, but knowing your alternatives will allow you to select and purchase the food stand you really want to support. You might have gone for a noodle dish since it was the first thing you saw, but wander a little further and you may discover a fantastic vegan sushi restaurant that you would’ve liked better!

Beware of festival “crap”

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the moment and believe you truly need that festival hat, sequin jacket, feather headdress, or pack of neon face paints — but you probably don’t! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it before. I’ve bought some excellent festi-goods that I’ve used many times and enjoy to bits. I’ve also purchased a lot of useless garbage that has sat in a drawer and gone to waste.

festival money saving schemes

I’ve been to a few festivals where you could get free booze or even free grub if you assisted out/did something to earn it!

Latitude had a cup deposit plan. To encourage you to return or reuse your plastic cup, you paid an extra $2 for it! Of course, a lot of drinkers get wasted and leave them strewn about the floor or don’t bother to return them, or they just leave them on a table. If you pick them up and return them, collect a couple, and you’ve essentially earned yourself a complimentary drink!

Latitude also had a program for children. Children could pick up a garbage bag and a litter collector from the information station or the main bar, and they got free soft drinks as gratitude! It not only kept them occupied, but it also made the event location considerably cleaner and encouraged children to be more environmentally conscious at a festival, both of which are excellent lessons for youngsters!

The ends of your festival wristband were tokens at another Festival! With a pair of scissors, staff would just snip off a portion at the end – one side gave you a free drink at the bar and the other a free hog roast on Saturday.

friends of mine volunteered for a food vendor one night during burning man (a major bucket list event for me) so they could see an act they liked and explore, and in return, they got a free dinner! Why not join in and get a freebie! It’s great fun, you meet new people, and you receive a complimentary dinner; it’s wonderful!

Prioritize your spending

The most important thing is to make sure you spend your money wisely, so that you may enjoy your festival without feeling guilty for over-spending or the dread of living on beans on toast for a month when you return home! Festivals are a fantastic location to discover new foods, drink, and acquire some wonderful festival goods – but just make sure you only buy what you truly want. If you really want the festival cap, vegan sushi, cocktail, glitzy top or bandana, go for it. But if you must have them, make a sacrifice somewhere else and don’t buy a coffee the next day or another drink at the bar.

These are the most helpful Festival Season On A Budget ideas I’ve ever written! I hope you enjoyed this blog and learned something new from it! Remember to have fun and be careful out there.

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What Louis Tomlinson Thinks About A Possible One Direction Reunion



After breaking out in the media with hits such as “What Makes You Beautiful,” “Story Of My Life,” “Best Song Ever,” and more, 1D took the world by storm (via Digital Spy). However, in 2015, the boy band shocked their devoted followers when they announced that they will be taking a break. According to E! News, the group shocked their fans by announcing that they would go on hiatus in 2015. After Zayn Malik announced his intentions to leave 1D, the band decided to disband in order to focus on their own solo projects.

“They are great friends and fully support one another,” a source said of the group. “They are very aware that they are able to work on their own stuff as well as remain together. This is an exciting time for them creatively and as a group.” However, it appears that at least one member of One Direction was in opposition to the split.

Before the break, Tomlinson told The Guardian that he was feeling optimistic about the band. “In the last year of One Direction, I was probably the most confident I ever was,” he said. “And then it was: ‘OK, hiatus!'” He acknowledged that he struggled against it, but ultimately lost.

Since then, One Direction has yet to record any new music. The group’s future, on the other hand, appears promising.

Did Louis Tomlinson hint at a possible 1D reunion?

According to Cheat Sheet, since announcing the group’s hiatus in 2015, One Direction members have been working on their solo careers and other activities like beginning families. Louis Tomlinson recently spoke out about a possible reunion and left fans wondering if there could be hope for the group in the future, despite Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik all remaining quiet on the subject of a reunion.

In 2021, Tomlinson took part in the WIRED Google autocomplete challenge, answering queries about himself that fans most search for on the internet. He went through his tattoos, color of his hair, eye color, and more before finally getting to One Direction. When asked about the group he replied, “Good time in my life. Hopefully, we come back.” The return of an iconic logo inspired fans to believe that perhaps, just maybe, the band was reuniting. Fans also noticed that when Tomlinson referred to 1D as the band he “is” in before correcting himself to say “was,” he made a minor slip of the tongue.

Could Harry’s comments be hinting at a One Direction reunion? Despite the fact that it appears improbable for now, fans have not stopped hoping for the group to reunite and create new music in the future.

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This Is How Elton John Got His Name



Elton John is one of the most famous names in modern music, with his distinctive appearance and voice, as well as instantly-recognizable songs. It’s difficult to find many individuals who haven’t heard Elton John, better known as “The Rocketman,” thanks to his signature song of the same name. In fact, the Elton John biopic film released in 2019 was called “Rocketman” because the word is so easily identifiable with John (via IMDb).

However, prior to his career as “The Rocketman” and even before he earned the moniker “Elton John,” he was known by a different name. He actually went by his birth name, Reginald Kenneth Dwight, and dropped out of school at the age of 17 to pursue a music career (via Biography). He eventually changed his name because he was becoming more successful, however even the film documenting his life didn’t get his change of name right.

Elton John chose a new name on the fly

The film “Rocketman” tells audiences that Reginald Kenneth Dwight changed his name to Elton John after meeting John Lennon, the famous Beatle. Lennon, on the other hand, had nothing to do with how Elton John got his name. Another singer known as John also existed.

According to a 1991 interview with Rowan Atkinson, Reginald Dwight was a member of the group “Bluesology” and decided to go it alone, hence the name change. He said he chose the name Elton after a saxophone player in the group because he wanted to branch out on his own. In a 1990 interview conducted after the release of his CD box set entitled “To Be Continued…”

“I was in Bluesology, and we were coming back from a Long John Baldry gig somewhere, and we got a bus from London airport to London and someone said, ‘We’ve made it now, so what are you going to call yourself?'” John said (via The Wrap). “The saxophone player in the band was called Elton Dean, a very good jazz sax player, and the only other Elton I could think of was Elton Hayes, who recorded the song ‘The Owl and the Pussycat.’ So I took ‘Elton’ from Elton Dean and ‘John’ from Long John Baldry. I wanted to choose a name that nobody had, and it was as quick as that.”

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Fans Think Britney Spears Is Pregnant According to Them



When Britney Spears updated her Instagram Story, she may have started a rumour about herself. The singer and her partner Sam Asghari are relaxing on Maui, Hawaii at present. While posing for photos with her adoring public, Spears revealed that lately she hasn’t felt too well (via Fox News).

“I think I have a small bug … the only thing that is similar to this feeling is when I was pregnant…” the star wrote as a caption to the clip. She continued, “it’s the nausea that is the worst … It’s like I can’t wake up so I go to the gym trying to wake my system up !!!”

Spears continued her post by writing, “It’s like clockwork … I break my first sweat then I go to the bathroom and throw up… it’s absolutely horrible but then I stay at the gym because I don’t want to go home and lay sick in bed …. I keep going and [at] night I go dancing and my system starts to get clarity … Dude … this has been going on for a month and if someone has this you’re not alone !!!”

Following her return to Instagram, fans immediately started speculating about whether she is expecting again, with one user writing, “She’s pregnant again.” “Awwww baby on the way.” “Morning sickness my dear,” echoed another fan.

More Spears fans were reacting to her tweet about pregnancy on Twitter.

She has confirmed that she wants to conceive again

The celebrity’s message about being sick for a month caused Twitter to go wild. “Britney girl…your nausea has lasted for a month and the only other time you felt like this was when you were pregnant???? who’s gonna tell her?” asked one fan. “I think it’s time to get a pregnancy test PLS,” someone else tweeted.

The rumor mill was still in operation, with another individual adding, “Girls Britney is pregnant. Throwing up every morning for a month…. And she even said herself she’s never felt like this except when pregnant….”

Although she enjoyed her first title, Spears is still determined to have another kid. As the whole world heard during her conservatorship hearing as she tried to terminate it, Spears, who is a mother of two adolescent sons, wants to conceive another child. “I want to be able to get married and have a baby. I was told right now in the conservatorship, I’m not able to get married or have a baby. I have an IUD inside of myself right now so I don’t get pregnant,” the pop star testified. “I wanted to take the IUD out so I could start trying to have another baby. But this so-called team won’t let me go to the doctor to take it out because they don’t want me to have any more children,” she said (via Billboard).


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