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Drakeo the Ruler is murdered at a Los Angeles music event.



Drakeo the Ruler, an American rapper who performed as a member of Migos, has been murdered following a stabbing at a music event in Los Angeles.

The performer, who identified himself as Darrell Caldwell, had been scheduled to perform at the Once Upon a Time in LA music festival on Saturday night. His publicist confirmed his death to several US news outlets early Sunday morning. According to reports, the artist was attacked during an altercation backstage just before his performance was due to start.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating, but no arrests had been made as of Sunday morning. On Spotify, Drakeo the Ruler has more than 1.5 million monthly listeners and worked with Canadian artist Drake on the track Talk to Me.

At around 20:40 local time on Saturday (04:40 GMT on Sunday), paramedics were called to a stabbing in the city. The rapper was reportedly taken to a hospital following the attack, but he subsequently perished as a result of his injuries.

According to a representative for the festival, an altercation took place in the road backstage during the event, which was also set to feature performances by rappers 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg.

The statement added, “To honour those affected and in coordination with local authorities, artists and producers decided not to continue the remaining sets, therefore the festival was prematurely ended an hour before it was scheduled to conclude.”

Snoop Dogg revealed on Twitter that he was “in my dressing room when I was informed about the occurrence and chose to leave the festival grounds as soon as possible.”

“I send my heartfelt sympathies to the family and loved ones of Draeko the Ruler,” he added. “I’m asking for calm in the hip-hop industry.”

Other stars took to social media to pay their respects following the news of Drakeo’s death. “I’ll always be inspired by your zeal,” Drake wrote on his Instagram stories early on Sunday.

“Man, Drako was always incredibly nice and courteous,” tweeted Saweetie. “Prayers up for his family. RIP, The Ruler.”

“They know who we are as a result of our popularity, but we don’t know who they are because of our celebrity,” Jones wrote in an Instagram post.

“Every week felt like a rapper died this year. We used to be safeguarded in the community, regarded as superheroes. That is no longer the case.”

‘Nervous music’ pioneer

Drakeo was born on December 1, 1993, in South Central Los Angeles and raised by a single mother. He became interested in music as a means of escaping the perils of street life after spending much of his youth behind bars.

He began releasing music under the name Mr. Mosely in 2015, with a mixtape that pioneered a jerky, polyrhythmic sound he called “nervous music”. He later recorded verses for the mixtape Thank You for Using GTL over the phone while he was incarcerated at Men’s Central Jail awaiting trial in connection with the 2016 shooting death of a 24-year-old man.

Prosecutors later retried him and sought to try him on conspiracy charges, but he was acquitted. He took a plea bargain and was released from jail in November 2020.

In an interview with The Ringer shortly after his release, Drakeo said his goal was to “get my mother and everyone I can help out of poverty.”

“I have to make certain that they’ll never have to go without again. I want to show people that no matter how difficult a situation is, my experience shows that anything is achievable.”

He wasted no time in releasing a mixtape in late 2020, followed by his debut album, The Truth Huts, this spring. Although his music never reached the top of the charts, he was recognized as an innovator by his peers.

Jeff Weiss, a Los Angeles writer, dubbed Drakeo the “greatest west coast artist of a generation, a legend who invented a new rap language of slippery cadences, nervous rhythms, and psychedelic jargon.”

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The Real Deal About Kanye West’s Gap Employment



Kanye West’s career has been a source of constant interest since the start. He is well-known far and wide for his award-winning music, his brief presidential campaign, and, most notably, as Kim Kardashian’s former husband.

West had to work hard to establish his reputation because, despite being incredibly successful today, he was forced to fight for it. After his mother, Donda, got a job as a university instructor in China when he was 10 years old, Kanye West relocated with her. The couple moved to Chicago, where West got involved in the city’s hip-hop scene. The Grammy-award winning vocalist studied at Chicago’s American Academy of Art after winning a scholarship to Polaris High School. However, after six months, he dropped out to pursue music and follow his aspirations on his own.

During his year abroad and at college, West was like any other adolescent, working part-time at the clothing chain, The Gap.

Kanye West opened up about his time working at The Gap

In 2004, Kanye West released his debut album “The College Dropout,” which he had spent four years making and recording (via Capital Xtra). “Spaceship,” the song on the album, makes mention of West’s employment at The Gap as a teenager, with lyrics complaining that he never made enough money there. “Let’s go back, back to The Gap. Look at my check — wasn’t no scratch So if I stole, wasn’t my fault. Yeah, I stole — never got caught,” the lyrics read(via Genius). 

In an interview with Paper Magazine in 2015, the rapper recalled how much time he spent working at The Gap, expressing his love for the apparel but admitting that he couldn’t afford to buy anything there.

“When I was working at the Gap at 15, I don’t think I had any desire to actually make clothes, but I always felt like that’s what I wanted to be around. I loved the fabrics, I loved the colors, I loved the proportions,” West explained. “Abercrombie was too expensive for me and the Gap was too expensive for me. Even though I worked at the Gap, I didn’t get enough hours to get a discount because I was a part-time employee, because I went to high school.”

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Is This How Pete Davidson Really Feels About Kanye’s Threatening Lyrics?



It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are one of the most prominent couples in Hollywood. The pair were first spotted together in October of 2021 at an amusement park (via Cosmopolitan). With their relationship still intact, Kim Kardashian’s ex Kanye West has given her an assist with a new song that contains lyrics that aren’t “sure, it’s all good if you date my estranged wife.”

Rather, as reported by Page Six, in the passage about the “SNL” actor, Kanye raps, “God saved me from that crash/ Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a**.” According to a report in the Michigan Daily, West was involved in a vehicle accident in 2002.

So is Davidson worried about Kardashian’s ex’s threat in his song, “Eazy?” (via The Sun). Actually, according to a source, “Pete thinks it’s totally hilarious. Not just that — he thinks the whole [tabloid drama with him, West and Kardashian] is hilarious. He loves it.”

Kim Kardashian does not love Kanye’s response to her new relationship

According to sources, while a smitten Davidson may find West’s take on their new relationship with Kardashian “funny,” his established lover is not amused. “Kim has been overwhelmed and upset by Kanye’s recent interviews and antics,” an insider told Entertainment Tonight, referring to the star’s claims he wasn’t permitted to enter the couple’s daughter Chicago’s birthday party.

West also talked to Jason Lee before “Eazy” was released, saying on his podcast “Hollywood Unlocked,” “How you gonna bring me to ‘SNL’ and kiss the dude you dating right in front of me and everybody’s like, ‘Aw, that’s cool.'”

Meanwhile, if West was attempting to split Kardashian and Davidson apart, his strategy isn’t working, according to a source. “It’s not impacting their relationship at all. If anything, this drama is bringing Kim and Pete closer together because he makes things so easy.”

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The Reason Police Are Investigating Kanye West



Kanye West has been laid low in the midst of his finest “divorced guy” existence (via GQ), with shocking accusations made against him. According to Page Six, West, who is now known as Ye after changing his name, has been out and about with New York’s finest Julia Fox. The unlikely couple is having a whirlwind romance while the actor gushes during a recent episode of her “Forbidden Fruits” podcast, according to paparazzi photos. “He’s really a f–king genius, and it’s an honor to be in the presence [of him] and to be able to witness history happening.” She particularly enjoyed watching West work in the studio, describing his new songs as “insane.”

Despite the fact that it is still in its early stages, Fox stated, “Our minds, we both, like, work very fast. We keep up with each other, which is cool. Like, I talk very fast and I can have 10 trains of thought and, like, whatever.” According to sources, their mutual friends are overjoyed by the budding romance, which has seen West and Fox on date nights at popular plays and restaurants, as well as filming photoshoots in packed cafés. In her case, they even gave an exhausting and instantly meme-worthy account to Interview magazine. Following the release of these new photographs, Fox may be second-guessing her new lover after this disturbing development.

A Kanye West fan has made a shocking accusation against the rapper

According to a source at Insider, the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a criminal battery allegation against Kanye West. The LAPD responded to reports of an incident at 3 a.m. on Thursday, January 13th, according to a spokesperson. This is where things get interesting. To date, only one person has been named as a suspect: West. No arrests have been made, and no additional information has been provided. However, Fox 11 News in Los Angeles reported that the altercation took place outside the private club Soho Warehouse and happened after a fan recognized him sitting in his car and requested an autograph. According to an unverified fan, West got out of the vehicle and punched him in the face before fleeing. He subsequently phoned the cops but refused any medical attention.

According to Page Six, the fan in question had previously approached the controversial star on two other occasions seeking an autograph, first outside of restaurant Craig’s, in Los Angeles, Monday night, where West was celebrating his Gap commercial with Julia Fox. The mystery man reappeared outside Delilah, where West, Fox, and other famous personalities were having supper two days later. In paparazzi photographs from the night in question, the fan can be seen in the background. However, despite the fact that the rapper departed Delilah alone, it’s uncertain where he went next, just that he must have arrived at Soho Warehouse in the end. Footage from the incident reveals West screaming and the fan on the ground beneath him.

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